Planet Tracker combines the expertise of financial market professionals with environment, industry and scientific experts, speaking about ecological limits in a language that the financial community understands.

Monthly Duties

  • Design and implementation of a strategic social media strategy aligned with company objectives.
  • Responsible for the end-to-end process of content creation, copywriting, and scheduling of daily social media posts.
  • Leverage strategic audience segmentation techniques through curated lists to enhance targeting precision.
  • Proactive and reactive social media engagement strategies, concurrently managing reputation across all platforms.
  • Create ad hoc campaigns for each newly released report, ensuring tailored promotional efforts to maximise impact.
  • Play a pivotal role in building thought leadership across social platforms.


  • Increased brand awareness and audience engagement on both X and Linkedin. Drove organic social media traffic to the website and generated 3500 link clicks on Linkedin in 2023.
  • Successfully oversaw and managed the X account, achieving an average engagement rate of 3.34%, surpassing the industry benchmark of 0.035%.
  • Attained an average engagement rate of 4.32% on the LinkedIn company page, exceeding the non-profit benchmark of 1.91%.
  • Educated and empowered the team in the principles of employee advocacy, contributing to a culture of knowledge dissemination and professional growth.