Vegan Jam Tart

Crostata: Vegan Jam Tart

Crostata is a traditional jam tart and one of my favourites Italian desserts. The crostata is made by spreading a thin layer of pasta frolla (similar to shortcrust) over the bottom of a tin, topping it with homemade jam, and baking it. The original recipe includes eggs and butter but this vegan version by Il Goloso Read more about Crostata: Vegan Jam Tart[…]

Simple Vegan Mini Crumble

Today we’re going to make a dessert of British origin… with a vegan twist! I’ve been following Marco Bianchi – an Italian chef/scientist – for a while and I really love his food blog so I decided to test, and then translate, this delicious recipe for you. In the original recipe, Marco uses 6 apricots but you can Read more about Simple Vegan Mini Crumble[…]

Vegan Yogurt Cake

Today I want to share with you the recipe of a delicious cake: you can use fresh, seasonal fruits in Summer or frozen berries in Winter. This is an egg-less, dairy-free cake that can be enjoyed by anyone; I personally find that vegan desserts taste better than the ‘traditional’ ones, that’s why I love baking Read more about Vegan Yogurt Cake[…]